HYDE FUNDRAISERS create replica characters from DR WHO, STAR WARS etc to raise funds for BBC Children In Need and other charities.



Terry Molloy is DAVROS


Back in 1992 Hyde Fundraisers started planning their first convention - REMEMBRANCE '93 . It was Nigel Peever who came up with the suggestion that we should perhaps do a theatrical presentation. One of the most unusual and unique things about the event was the ambitious idea of doing a live stageplay "The Trial Of Davros" which starred Michael Wisher as Davros once again. A surprise was the appearance of Peter Miles recreating his role of Nyder as one of Davros's witnesses. Other roles included Jean Rodgers (Dolly from Emmerdale) as The Inquisitor with the Prosecutor played by both Keith Noble and Stuart Glazebrook. The production was a great success, due in part to the dedication and support from Michael Wisher. Much credit also to Nigel Peever who actually managed to get everything together on the Sunday in what was a phenominal achievement.

In 2005 Hyde Fundraisers celebrated it's 20th Anniversary and to mark this milestone they decided to re-stage their production once again of - 'The Trial Of Davros' - on Saturday July 16th.The Davros mask was recreated by sculptor Phil Robinson who also turned his hand to the challenge of further creatures for the production. Phil brought to life the Exillon's along with Ogron's and the Draconian's that featured in some of the vital evidence scenes. In addition some of the sequences were filmed and edited by him, dedicating time to ensure we hit the tone of the 1970's episodes we were featuring. The performance raised funds for the BBC CHILDREN IN NEED APPEAL and the NSPCC. Actor Terry Molloy reprised his role of Davros in this new and updated production. This revised production reflected Terry's portrayal of the role and included BRAND NEW specially filmed sequences within the new production. Once again the script was wriiten by Kevin Taylor and included contribution from Micheal Wisher and Terry. Micheal Wisher's input included a specially written scene for the production which would not have been reproduced elsewhere. One of the most exciting things for the project was recreating some new moments from classic Dr Who adventures. Fans were delighted to see new action from 'Death To The Daleks', further battles from the 'Dalek Invasion Of Earth' and scenes on Skaro featuring The Emperor !! Special guest in the SPACE YEAR extract was actor Jeremy Bulloch - famous for his role as Boba Fett in the STAR WARS films. The stage cast boasted actor Andy Wisher, son of the original Davros actor Micheal, as Prosecutor 1. The second Prosecutor was John Leeson, known to many as the voice of K-9 who returned in the new Dr Who series this year. Other cast members included Hylton Collins as The President, Peter Miles once again as Nyder with Katarina Olsson and Brian Miller! The show was an incredible achievement for Hyde Fundraisers and generated £8000 which was divided between Children In Need and the NSPCC.


Hyde Fundraisers are grateful to the following for their kind help & support: BBC Television - Roger Hancock Ltd - BBC Worldwide - Ian Grutchley - Edward Russell - Tim Hancock - Richard Hollis - UKG - Experience Design & Management -- this planet earth - Dr Who Production Office - Dizzi Gothic - Embrace Wigan & Leigh - Neill Gorton - MFX Replicas - cardboardcutout.net - The Storage Place